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If you've somehow stumbled across this website, let me be the first to welcome you! My name is Carey and this wonderful piece of cyber space is the physical manifestation of my hopes and dreams.

Never in a million years did I think that I would be sitting where I am sitting right now writing this blog. I've read countless blogs on various websites I've been interested in over the years and honestly thought about starting my own several times just never did. I just felt like I never really had a story that was interesting enough to write about...that is until I started my journey in to candle making.

Where did that journey start? Well to be honest it started about 6 months ago when I signed up for a Reddit Gift Exchange for Diwali. I do not celebrate Diwali but was super interested in hearing more about it. My Reddit Santa sent me a kit that taught me about the holiday and when I read more in to it, I found that Diwali was actually the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere. For this holiday, people are often gifted things that bring light to their home/space like container candles, votives, string lights, etc. From there, my interest in candles grew subconsciously as I kind of floated through the next few months until one day at the end of September, I took a deep dive on the interwebs and started looking in to how to make wax melts.

Looking in to making my own wax melts to put in my warmer at home was what sparked the interest in wanting to learn how to make candles. Like every researcher, I went to to conduct my educational research. I typed "homemade wax melts" in the search bar and hit search not knowing what to expect. First website that I came across was and their FAQ section. Guys, if you've somehow came across this website and are interested in starting your own candle business I have 2 things to say: 1. DO IT!! 2. READ ALL THE CANDLESCIENCE FAQs!!!!!. Seriously. I learned almost everything I've needed so far from that website. It is slap full of wonderful information, tutorials, business tips and they're even a candle supplier too. After reading the FAQs, I felt like I could do more than just melts...I could make my own candles. The search then changed from melts to candles and thus the rabbit hole began.

I learned about wax blends. I learned about wicks. I learned about fragrance oils. And sinkholes. And mushrooming...I absorbed as much as I could as quickly as I could and not a month later, I made a trip to the store and purchased my own soy wax candle making kit. It came as a complete set up with everything (pour pot, wax, containers, etc) but fragrance oil. I followed the directions and poured my very first soy candle in a taureen container with apple melon fragrance oil and green dye. I will NEVER forget how green that wax got as I "may" have over done it a bit!!! The taureen jar that I poured it in was so small, I didn't even know if it would even make the smallest bathroom in the world smell even the slightest bit good, but I made it. I actually gifted it to one of my dear friends named David (you'll get to know David or Davidr as he's so dearly known) and he was my first "guinea pig" so to speak. He got home, burnt the candle that evening and let me know what happened the next day.

David was EXTRA abuzz that next morning as he saw me when he walked in the office. With a big "Good Early Morning" he started raving about the candle I made him. He said that when he lit it in his loft studio apartment, it made the ENTIRE place smell so good. I was actually shocked when he told me because I was a little worried it wouldn't work to be honest. He thanked me again for the gift and went about his day. Little did he know that he pushed me just one day closer to this little slice of internet heaven.

I do hope you stay tuned as I take on this crazy candle adventure. I plan to blog as much as possible to keep everyone up to date and in the loop. Since this is the holiday season, I'd like to say a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!! May it be filled with joy and light!

With love,


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